Your Time

Everyone has their own clock don’t let let anyone push your timeline just because it seems you are behind schedule. You own clock will define for your own destiny.



Defining people may arise from what you see in that person, observing his understanding,way of talking ,how he sale himself as a person. But at the end of the day no one can determine you who really are as a person. What your values are. You don’t have to look alike like everybody does or how everyone do their own ways. It okay to feel an outsider, the most important thing is to stay yourself, to know your values and to stand for your beliefs. Because sometimes we might lose our self while we struggle to fit with other souls just so we can avoid awkward moments or to stay what other people had in mind or to avoid low self steem or may be sometimes to cover our own face.

You cant be pushed unless you push your own self.


Its funny how everyday feels exactly the same. We are responsible for own change and fate. To beleive we have a Power with in us , to use our own inner voice makes us human being with power. Sometimes we feel every one around us can save us , it feels those people will be by our side….the thing is we only live once.